The Blacksburg Partnership announced the ever-popular 8th annual Blacksburg Brew Do Homebrew Competition. Homebrewers from across the region were invited to see if their brew was good enough for Best in Show. This was a “just for the fun of it” event and was not sanctioned. Homebrewers chose the category that best represented their beer: Light, Amber, Dark or Specialty.

Last year the competition drew 32 entries, with the winning results listed below:


Best in Show – Ryan Mioduski & Evan Frazier


1st Place: Doug & Sara Urquhart, “Tart Reform” (Berliner Weisse)

2nd Place: Dave & Jeanne Hrdlicka “Bee My Honey” (Kolsch)

3rd Place: Rodger Thurlow, “Keylime Gose” (Historical Gose)


1st Place: Dennis & Chris Stevens, “Summer Sahti” (Historical-Sahti)

2nd Place: Jason Cromer, “My Old Kentucky Home(brew)” (Historical-Kentucky Common)

3rd Place: Robert Roux, “Unspeakable Sizzle” (American Strong Ale)


1st Place: Ryan Mioduski & Evan Frazier, “Duping Delight” (Golden Stout)

2nd Place: David & Kelli Wheeler, “London Porter” (English Porter)

3rd Place: Rodger Thurlow, “Tropical Thunder” (Porter)


1st Place: Adam Angel & Matt Baker, “Ghost of Christmas Future” (Ghost Pepper Cerveza)

2nd Place: Brian Maddox, “Thanksgiving Dinner” (Brown Ale)

3rd Place: Darin Pearson, “Rye Liotta” (Roggenbier)